About Dana Hokana

I grew up as an only child of a single Mother. We lived in the city. But my Mother said that “horse” was my first word. She tells me that I was obsessed with horses. She said that it was almost unexplainable. I said from a young age that I was going to be a horse trainer. When I was eleven years old I mowed lawns, dog sat and helped babysit to earn and save up $400. I bought my first horse when I was about twelve. I kept my horse at a stable at the beach and worked off part of his board. I loved it! I would ride into the ocean and slide off the back of the horse and hold his tail to ride the waves in. It was wonderful! 

Holding horses for the farrier & running the rent string in my teens were just a few things I did to be involved with horses. My next job was at about seventeen, to work for a Western show horse trainer. I worked there for over three years and got my first show horse, “Osa Gold”. I learned a lot about horse training and showing. This started my horse show career. 

After that period, I went and rode with a lot of the greatest horsemen in the world. I developed a hunger for knowledge that I just couldn’t quench. Learning was my passion. I read every article or book I could find on what made a horse unique in their mechanics and makeup. I also ran a training business, and myself and my daughters showed my own horses. I set a goal to have one of the greatest stallions in the world. I am blessed to own that horse. “Invested Dimension” is a son of the immortal, “The Investor”. I reached another goal with him and that was to win a world title. He and I were Reserve World Champions in the Senior Western Pleasure. I have a strong Faith in God and live in Temecula, CA with my husband, Boyd and two daughters, Brook and Bree. We live on a ranch that we built from the ground up! I have a son, Jeremy who is married and lives locally as well.

Clinic Descriptions

The clinics will each be 75 minute in length and include up to Five (5) clinic riders in each session.

Important Information

  • Horses must arrive at least an hour and a half before the scheduled clinic time.
  • Selected participants will be notified no later than the end of the day, March 2nd, 2019.
  • Once accepted, you will be given a limited amount of time to confirm your participation and pay the fees. Additional forms and information will be sent via email by end of the day March 16th, 2019.
  • The clinics at the Arizona Horse Fair offer a unique and invaluable opportunity to “Ride with our Clinicians.” Please be aware that the clinics are conducted in large arenas where there are likely to be large crowds in attendance. Opportunities to warm up in the actual arena may not be available. 
  • In the unlikely event that a clinician is unable to conduct their clinics as scheduled because of an unavoidable event (such as illness, accident, flight cancellation, death in family, etc), Arizona Horse Fair will make every effort to retain another clinician of similar caliber to conduct clinics on the same topics as scheduled.

Health Requirements

Arizona Horse Fair does requires Horses to have Coggins within the past 12 months and any out-of-state horse is required to have a current Health Certificate. We also request that they be healthy and free of disease to the best of your knowledge.

Clinic Rider Application

Please submit a Clinic Rider Application form detailing your experience and your horse’s experience, and why you would like to be considered for the clinics. CLICK HERE FOR THE CLINIC RIDER APPLICATION.

Clinic Sessions



Rider Requirements


Equipment Requirements


March 29, 2019